1. The Screaming Forest

    Colby found this exciting jacket the other day at work, and we both fell in love with it. The zipper broke after these pictures, but it’s whatever.

    The jacket is LRG (from Plato’s Closet).

    The jeans are Hot Topic.

    The shoes are from a shop in the hutongs in Beijing, China.

  2. The Aldo Interview Part II

    Colby got called back for an interview at Aldo and will be finding out about the job in the next couple days! They loved him, of course.

    The blazer is J. Crew (from Plato’s Closet).

    The sweater is Gap.

    The shirt is Puritan.

    The jeans are Bullhead.

    The shoes are Aldo (from Plato’s Closet).

    Hopefully soon we will have Aldo shoes that we buy with a whopping 50% employee discount!

  3. Thrift Store Fashion. Fuck brands.

    (Source: crunchier, via queenbeereginageorge)

  4. The Rest Stop

    We grabbed some gas on our way to see Pitch Perfect (great movie, btw), so we figured it was prime time for pics of Colby’s outfit.

    The scarf is from the Beijing Zoo Market in China.

    The leather jacket is Buckle (from Plato’s Closet).

    The jeans are Bullhead from Pacsun.

    The mocassins are Aldo (from Plato’s Closet).

  5. The Spektator

    Colby was super excited to see Regina Spektor, so he wore his best.

    The leather jacket is a bit of a mysterious find from Plato’s.

    The shirt is Structure.

    The cardigan is On the Byas (from Plato’s Closet).

    The jeans are Bullhead (from Plato’s Closet).

    The mocassins are Minnetonka (from, you guessed it, Plato’s Closet —it’s like he works there or something)

  6. The Pre-Concert

    This week, we went to see Regina Spektor here in Grand Rapids. 

    Zach wore a traditional Navajo bolo tie.

    The shawl is Forever 21 (from Plato’s Closet).

    The chambray shirt is Paper, Denim & Cloth from TJ Maxx

    The jeans are Rude from Hot Topic.

    The boots were a gift from our dear friend Bridgette. Genuine Doc Martens.

    The bracelets are fun too! Zach found the flower one at work. The white skulls are Hot Topic and the little skulls are a DIY project with some skulls Zach got from a Mongolian prayer bead bracelet and some extra chain.

  7. The Hipster Trash

    Zach liked the fresh-from-the-dumpster feel of the set room. He also looks like a little Korean hipster in this (nearly) all Asian look.

    The striped tank and cardigan are from a shop in Pohang, South Korea.

    The jeans are Cheap Monday, ripped off the Chinese black market in Beijing. (Well, maybe not “black market,” but really lived up to the “Cheap” part of Cheap Monday)

    The boots are Rockford (from Plato’s Closet).

  8. The Artist

    Colby and Zach got a little carried out while hanging with our friend Hannah in the set construction room for her theater company.

    The little red hat is from a shop in Pohang, South Korea.

    The sweater is Gap (bought at Plato’s Closet).

    The shirt is Old Navy.

    The jeans are Bullhead.

    The boots are Aldo (from Plato’s Closet).

  9. The Shopper

    Pendleton print scarf from Plato’s Closet

    Jacket is Twice (from Plato’s Closet)

    Pants are Commune (from Plato’s Closet)

    Shoes are Steve Madden (from Plato’s Closet)

    Are we sensing a pattern here?

    Photos taken at Teavana (Grand Rapids, MI). Go there for some bitchin tea.